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RICK ROSS Has Something To Prove

Rick ROSS is on a roll now a days it seems like every remix on the ready calls on Mia's Finest to bless the track. Recently we seen him with Diddy all around the world. Is it safe to say Diddy has found His new Dirty Money member or maybe his new BIG?

Seems like the battle with 50cent has sparked a new fire in the soul of the Maybach Music general. The lyrics the content has all been taking up a notch and im kinda eager about the next project

PER DIEM NY A New lifestyle boutique for fashion enthusiasts


Per Diem (Latin for ;per day; or;for each day) Per Diem NY is a lifestyle boutique for fashion enthusiasts, Carrying new and popular labels for young men and women offering quality clothing/accessories and personal style services which include custom designs, screen printing, heat transfers, alterations and more! We are located at 3721 Church Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11203.

per diem [per dee-uh, dahy-uh] –noun 1. by the day; for each day. 2. a daily allowance, usually for living expenses while traveling in connection with one's work or being employed at a distance from one's home. 3. paid by the day. Origin: 1510–20; < L

The definition of Per Diem is the essence of the boutique; everyday; we work for something, someone or some purpose. We deserve to indulge ourselves in a lifestyle that reflects our hard work and sense of style.

check it out!!


Body on me was a huge success last year, so you know there had to be a part 2! This year we felt it needed to be in a bigger, sexier, classier venue. Because we know you want that special night out,The only place to be is the Canal room.. pop bottles as we stand upon the couch.. You say you want a party, you've found it Get ready for action, don't be astounded Don't need candles and cake You just need body on me 2!




MAY 21ST 2010



The Pret_A_Porte Fashion Show is not to be missed! Exclusive styles designed by Per Diem NY's Store Owner Introducing The Per Diem NY Brand and The Espio Brand... Huge Memorial Day Sale! Styles available for purchase at special event prices!! May 20th 8pm $10 Tickets 3 for $25 | $15 @ Door 3721 Church Avenue, Bklyn, NY 11203 Open Bar Appetizers Gift Bags | Giveaways Music By DJ Snap DJ ExeQtive Purchase Tickets in store or online @

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